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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs


CTE programs are designed for students who want to earn a degree in two years or less and then enter the work force.

Program Curriculum Description
Advertising & Marketing Curriculum In the era of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, businesses have to be more creative than ever to communicate their message to the public. Gain the skills and strategies used by today’s advertising, PR, and sales professionals by getting an advertising or marketing degree from Dakota College at Bottineau. You can go directly into entry-level employment or transfer your credits to a four-year school.
Caregiver Services - Adult Curriculum The Adult Caregiver Services major prepares individuals to provide care for adults who are elderly, individuals who are disabled, and others with health concerns.
Forestry Curriculum Arobrists cut away branches from trees and shrubs to clear city roads, sidewalks and highways. Their main focus is to improve the appearance, health and value of trees. Arborists can specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases.

Environmental Technology

  • Laboratory & Field Technician
  • Land Management
  • Natural Resource Management
Curriculum The nation's natural resources provide a variety of benefits ranging from recreational to commercial use. Workers in this field assist in developing, maintaining, and conserving the resources by growing and planting new seedlings, fighting insects with diseases, controlling soil erosion and managing water resources.


  • Flowershop Technology
  • Golf Course Grounds Technician
  • Floral Design & Greenhouse Technology
  • Greenhouse Technology
  • Landscape Design & Maintenance
Curriculum In good times and in bad, horticulture’s always a “growth” industry — especially at Bottineau. We have top-notch facilities and a region full of outstanding field opportunities, including the famous International Peace Garden. Get started on your career, or build up credits that you can transfer to a four-year school.

Information Management

  • Accounting Technician
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Reception Services
Curriculum In today’s information-oriented society, organizations rely more than ever on careful, detail-oriented administrative and clerical staff. There’s always a need for workers who have good communication skills and understand the basics of bookkeeping, word processing, data supervision, work flow, and other critical day-to-day operations.

Information Technology

  • Computerized Office Management
  • Information Technology
  • WebMaster
  • WebDesign
  • CISCO Networking Technician
  • Web Technician
  • Office Applications Technician
Curriculum In today’s hard-wired business world, computer skills are almost endlessly marketable. Dakota College at Bottineau offers web design courses, IT instruction, and training on the standard commercial software programs that nearly every business uses. You’ll get direct, hands-on experience and enter the job market with a leg up on the competition.
Medical Assistant Curriculum You can help build the health-care system of tomorrow while building a successful career for yourself. Big changes are underway in the way Americans deliver, consume, and pay for health care. Get hands-on experience in patient prep, hospital admissions, insurance coding, and other skills employers are looking for.
Medical Administrative Assistant Curriculum You can help build the health-care system of tomorrow while building a successful career for yourself. Big changes are underway in the way Americans deliver, consume, and pay for health care. Get hands-on experience in patient prep, hospital admissions, insurance coding, and other skills employers are looking for.
Medical Coding Curriculum Medical Coders examine patient records to translate a diagnosis or procedure into a code.
Medical Transcription Curriculum Medical Transcriptionists take doctors' notes or dictations and transcribe them into medical reports, correspondence and other administrative materials.
Nursing Curriculum The United States faces a nationwide shortage of nurses, so a nursing associate’s degree can open up a wide range of professional opportunities for you. Dakota College at Bottineau’s two-year nursing program combines classroom instruction with practical experience at local health-care facilities, and we are affiliated with the Dakota Nursing Program. Get started on the career ladder!
Paraeducation - Early Childhood Curriculum

The paraeducation - early childhood program prepares individuals to work with children in a variety of settings including daycare centers, preschool programs, home childcare and school.

Paraeducation K-12 Curriculum Paraeducators work in schools to provide assistance to licensed teachers. Paraeducators work with a variety of students with diverse backgrounds, disabilites and special needs.
Paramedic (EMT) Technology Curriculum You hear the sirens, see the flashing lights and the big red cross. As the ambulance flies by, you see yourself behind the driver's wheel. Don't imagine it, live it. Peoples' lives often depend on the quick and vital services provided by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics. With the rapid growth in emergency medical services and high replacement needs, employees in this field are in great demand. Bottineau's two-year program can help you become the professional EMT you want to be with hands-on experience and quality instruction.


  • Landscape Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Commercial Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Business of Photography

If you've ever thought about a career in the exciting and growing field of photography, then don't waste another minute. DCB now has two photography options available beginning Fall 2013.

Option one: Certificate Program
This is a one year intensive photography certificate program that prepares students to confidently enter the photographic profession either by obtaining a job or by starting their own business. Students will receive intensive training in the photographic arts with 10 classes including outdoor photography, photojournalism, commercial photography, and portrait photography. Students will also learn valuable business practices in the Business of Photography class. If you want to receive the education and training to start your new career as a professional photographer in under a year, then this is the option is for you.

Option two: AAS Degree
This is a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in photography. In this program, students will take the same photography courses required in the certificate program and the necessary general education courses to earn an AAS degree. If you want to receive the education and training to start your career as a professional photographer, but would also like a degree under your belt, then this is the option is for you.

Small Business Management Curriculum Planning on running a business? DCB has the perfect program for you! By enrolling in DCB’s Small Business Management program, you will learn everything you need to know about retailing, sales, advertising, management and more. And the best part about this program is you will gain your degree in two years. How convenient is that?
Sustainable Vegetable Production Curriculum Students now have a chance to learn about an emerging trend from the place that has always had its hand in horticulture, Dakota College at Bottineau. Sustainable Vegetable Production workers help meet consumer demand for direct market and locally produced food by planting, growing, and selling organic and specialty produce.
Recreation Management Curriculum The Recreation Management program is oriented to prepare students to work in a variety of recreational and leisure settings. The program is organized around core courses that emphasize the foundation of the recreation and leisure industry.
Wildlife Curriculum Dakota College at Bottineau’s wildlife program has a distinguished tradition. Our graduates have gone on to further their education, work for state agencies across the country, and even become world-famous wildlife researchers or National Park superintendents. We’re located in one of America’s best outdoor wildlife classrooms, and hold regular field labs at J. Clark Salyer Wildlife Refuge, Pelican/Sandy Lakes, and the Turtle Mountains. Become a part of the tradition and embark on a great career.

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