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Paraprofessional Educator - Early Childhood A.A.S.

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early_childhood.jpgThe Paraprofessional Educator - Early Childhood major prepares individuals to work with children in a variety of settings including daycare centers, preschool programs, home childcare, and schools. Students learn to plan activities that promote the physical, cognitive, social, and psychological development of children.

Please contact the program advisor, Allison Scherr, for additional information regarding these programs via email at: allison.m.scherr@dakotacollege.edu.


  • Child Care Worker
  • Day Care Provider
  • Preschool Teacher

*Information taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Curriculum: The AAS program curriculum is listed below in the recommended sequence. Courses offered by DCB are linked to pages providing additional information about the courses such as prerequisites, course objectives, semesters offered, etc.

Course #
Course Title SH Semester Campus
CARS 105 Job Search 1 Fall, Spring Summer DCB

CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers 3 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

EC 210 Introduction to Early Childhood Education  3 Fall, Summer DCB

EC 211 Pre-Professional Experience 3 Spring DCB

EC 213 Language & Literacy in ECE 3 Fall DCB

EC 222 Administration & Leadership in ECE 3 Spring, Summer DCB

EC 233 Pre-K Methods & Materials 3 Spring DCB

EC 236 Soc/Emotional Dev. & Guidance 3 Fall, Spring DCB

EC 238 Home, School, & Community Relations 3 Spring DCB

EC 297 Co-op Ed: Paraprofessional Educator 3 Fall, Spring DCB

EDUC 101 Intro to Paraeducation 1 Fall, Spring DCB

ENGL 110 or COMM 110 College Composition I or Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

HPER 100 Concepts of Wellness & Fitness 2 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

HPER 210 First Aid/CPR 1 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

PSYC 100 Human Relations in Organization 3 Fall, Spring DCB

PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology 3 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology 3 Fall, Spring DCB

SPED 101 Intro to Developmental Disabilities 3 Fall, Summer DCB

SPED 110 Intro to Exceptional Children 3 Fall, Spring DCB

Elective Arts/Humanities Elective 3 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

Elective ACCT/BADM/BOTE/CSCI Elective 3   DCB

Elective ACCT/BADM/BOTE/CSCI Elective 3   DCB

Lab Science Elective BIOL 115 or BIOL 124 4 Fall, Spring DCB

Math Elective BOTE 108 or MATH 103 3-4 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

Be Advised

Allison Scherr

Education Program Manager