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Bookkeeping Diploma


This one-year program will prepare students to provide bookkeeping services to businesses. Instructional components include: the double entry accounting system, recording keeping systems and computerized accounting. Students will learn to record transactions, post debits and credits, balance receipts, produce financial statements, and prepare reports and summaries for supervisors and managers. They will also receive instruction in handling payroll, making purchases, preparing invoices, and keeping track of overdue accounts. This program will prepare students to become a Certified Bookkeeper and a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. This program is available both on-campus and online.

Curriculum: The program can be completed in one year by following the schedule below.Courses offered by Dakota College at Bottineau are linked to pages providing additional information about the courses such as prerequisites, course objectives, semesters offered, etc.

Course Number Course Title SH Semester Campus
ACCT 200 Elements of Accounting I 3 Fall, Summer DCB

ACCT 201 Elements of Accounting II 3 Spring DCB

ACCT 215 Business in the Legal Environment 3 Fall, Spring DCB

ACCT 260 Accounting Info Systems 2 Spring, Summer DCB

ACCT 294 Independent Study 3 Fall, Spring DCB

BOTE 108 Business Math 3 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

BOTE 209 Office Management 3 Fall DCB

BOTE 210 Business Communications 3 Fall, Spring DCB

BOTE 217 Records Management 3 Fall, Spring, Summer DCB

BOTE 247 Spreadsheet Applications 3 Spring, Summer DCB

CIS 104 Microcomputer Database 3 Fall, Summer DCB


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