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Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards

The Faculty Award for Excellence and the Staff Award for Excellence are intended to recognize and reward the efforts of those whose job performance adds value to the college experience for students, colleagues, and the campus community.  Recipients should demonstrate qualities that make it clear their contributions are exemplary and go beyond what is required for the routine discharge of their duties.  Nominees should consider how candidates' actions model the college's core values of students first, pursuit of excellence, learning community, respect, and responsibility.

Dakota College at Bottineau strives to be a place where the contributions of all faculty and staff are valued.  The Excellence Awards provide an opportunity for us to represent an extraordinary and exceptional contribution of a colleague.  It is not the intent of the Ad Hoc Committee that these awards shall be used for any political purpose whatsoever.


Excellence Award Recipients

Year Division Name
2004 Faculty Sandra Sund
2004 Staff Jan Wysocki
2005 Faculty Betty Rehfuss
2005 Staff Terri Hauge
2006 Faculty Wayne Johnson
2006 Staff Karen Christianson
2007 Faculty Gary Albrightson
2007 Staff Janeen Pollman
2008 Faculty Gene Bender
2008 Staff Marvel Thompson
2009 Faculty Don Thompson
2009 Staff Jan Nahinurk
2010 Faculty Steve Sathre
2010 Staff Luann Soland
2011 Faculty Mike Porter
2011 Staff Darrell Waters
2012 Faculty Larry Brooks
2012 Staff Jacob Nelson
2013 Faculty Scott Johnson
2013 Staff Kayla O'Toole
2013 Advisor Lexi Kvasnicka-Gates
2014 Faculty Keri Keith
2014 Staff Hattie Albertson
2014 Advisor Madison Junker
2015 Faculty Lexi Kvasnicka-Gates
2015 Staff Denise Schroeter
2015 Advisor Keri Keith
2016 Faculty Angie Bartholomay
2016 Staff Robyn Poitra
2016 Advisor Mike Porter
2017 Faculty Gary Albrightson
2017 Staff JaLee Lynnes
2017 Advisor Ashley Pedie
2018 Faculty Joanne Vandal
2018 Staff Sandy Hageness
2018 Advisor Laura Halvorson



Faculty & Staff Excellence Award Nomination Form


Excellence in Advising Award Nomination Form