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All students registering for courses must meet placement requirements prior to being allowed to register for an English or mathematics college level course. Dakota College at Bottineau uses ACT, SAT, Compass, and Accuplacer scores to determine the placement of students into English, reading and mathematics courses as outlined in NDUS Procedure 402.1.2.

The purpose of placement testing at Dakota College at Bottineau is to match the academic readiness of the incoming student with the academic requirements of the curriculum and enhance the probability of academic success. If test results do not meet the standards of college-level courses, students are required to register in courses which help them to improve their learning and increase their opportunity to succeed in college.

Although the tests scores do not affect admission to the college, students will be required to meet established criteria for enrollment in English and mathematics courses prior to registration.

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Dakota College at Bottineau and the North Dakota University System (NDUS) requires all first-time students ages 24 or younger and/or students with less than 24 semester hours of completed college credit to submit either the ACT or SAT exam scores to fulfill the state admissions requirement. Registration for the ACT exam may be done by registering online at www.actstudent.org. Registration for the SAT exam may be done by registering online at www.sat.collegeboard.org/home



Students who are 25 and older, students who do not have ACT or SAT scores, or students who haven't met the exemption requirements must complete the Accuplacer Placement Exam. All students who plan to take an English or math course must submit appropriate and current assessment scores prior to enrollment.

Accuplacer is a computerized adaptive placement testing system that measures skills in math, reading, and English. Because the exam is adaptive, there is no fixed set of testing questions. Each test is made up of a unique collection of items pulled from a database pool. With no time limit, typically students will spend about an hour to complete the exam. Even though the placement exam is computerized, computer skills are not necessary. Accuplacer is user friendly and is designed for individuals with little or no computer experience.



Exemptions to the placement testing policy are as follows:

  • Students who have submitted official college transcripts indicating the completion of college-level composition and math courses with a "C" or satisfactory grade.
  • Students who have submitted official college transcripts indicating the completion of remedial or equivalent courses with a "C" or satisfactory grade.