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Early Entry/Dual Credit

High school students have the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Students who meet the requirements can take certain courses for both high school and college credit through Dakota College at Bottineau. We offer a variety of options for you to take dual credit courses; our courses are offered over Interactive Video Network (IVN or ITV) and online. In some schools, you can take courses at your own high school from one of your own teachers.

The LEAP Program

Earn a College Degree While in High School!


  • Cost Savings - Discount rate on college coursework - $132.41 per credit (plus $20 lab fee for some science courses) Students eligible for the Bank of ND Scholarship can receive up to two free classes per academic year.
  • Time Savings - Complete college courses BEFORE attending college
  • Ease of Transfer - General education courses transfer to any college or university in the North Dakota University System
  • Flexible Delivery - Students can take courses over ITV or online

Enrollment Instructions

  • Apply Online - Apply for Admission - NEW Students Only
  • Pay the one-time $35 application fee - NEW Students Only
  • Complete the following forms:
  • Include a copy of your placement/test scores (ACT, PLAN, ASPIRE, etc.) if you are taking an English or a math class.
  • Mail, Email or Fax the completed forms and materials to:

    Dakota College at Bottineau
    ATTN: Kayla O'Toole
    105 Simrall BLVD
    Bottineau, ND 58318

    or FAX: 701-228-5614 or Email: kayla.otoole@dakotacollege.edu
  • Complete the Bank of ND Scholarship form. Students that qualify for free or reduced meals at their high school should apply as this scholarship can provide free tuition for two classes per academic year. This form needs to be sent to the Bank of ND, not DCB.
  • Claim your Account - Claiming your NDUS Account - NEW Students Only
  • Login to Moodle. Moodle may not be used for all classes, but all students will receive a Moodle account.
  • Pay for your classes - You can include a check, pay over the phone or online. Classes are $132.41 per credit. Some science classes have a lab fee.
  • Order your books through the DCB Bookstore at 701-228-5458 (if your school does not provide your books.)
  • Receive confirmation e-mail from Dakota College at Bottineau
  • Classes begin!

Please note that students aren't enrolled until the application for admission is submitted, the application fee has been received and all forms have been completed and received by Dakota College at Bottineau.




Kayla O'Toole