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DCB Director Appointed to State Advisory Committee

February 12, 2018

kaylao.jpgGov. Doug Burgum announced the creation of a 15-member Innovative Education Task Force last fall.  The Task Force, which is comprised of education, youth development, business and community leaders, is charged with creating a system of identification and support for schools and districts implementing innovative practices. Members are also tasked with providing direction on how state government can empower districts to adopt student-centric learning practices designed to support a 21st century economy impacted by rapid technological change.

In addition to the Taskforce, Gov. Burgum has created an Advisory Committee of individuals who work directly in the field to provide real-life, hands-on feedback to the Task Force.  Dakota College at Bottineau’s Distance Education Director, Kayla O’Toole, has accepted an invitation to be a member of the Advisory Committee.  Her term on the Advisory Committee began several weeks. O’Toole is looking forward to highlighting and sharing best practices used at DCB and in assisting the Innovative Education Task Force in their duties.  The Advisory Committee will assist the Task Force’s goal of strengthening collaboration between schools and communities.


DCB Spring Enrollment Finalized

February 12, 2018

Enrollment is up for the spring semester at Dakota College at Bottineau, based on data for the 20th day of classes, which is the official census date for all North Dakota University System colleges.  The official enrollment this spring is 882 students, which compares to 789 a year ago and equates to an 11.8% increase in the student headcount.  This is a record headcount enrollment for the spring semester, surpassing the previous high of 868 students in the spring of 2011.

Similar to the fall semester, the spring enrollment is the second highest full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment recorded for the college. FTE is determined by adding all credits for which students are enrolled and dividing by 15, which is the credit equivalent that the system uses to determine full time students.  DCB FTE enrollment for the spring semester is 481.  This compares to the highest recorded FTE enrollment of 510 in the spring of 2011. 

While on-campus enrollment was up slightly, most of the enrollment increase was attributable to the college’s online and dual-credit programs.  The number of students enrolled full-time is up by 32 from last spring, while the number of part-time students increased by 61 students.  The largest programs at the college continue to be Liberal Arts, Nursing and Business Administration.

We are encouraged with the increase in our enrollment for the spring semester, as our goal was to maintain last year’s enrollment, which was also a significant increase from the previous year.


2018 DCB Space Grant Scholarship Recipients Announced

January 29, 2018


Back LtoR: Georgina Eidmann, Alex Abrahamson, Victoria Gullett
Front: Spencer Dorsey

The North Dakota Space Grant Consortium, under the direction of the University of North Dakota, made available $7,000 in scholarship funds to students at Dakota College at Bottineau.  These funds were awarded to students who show promise in the areas of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM).  The goal behind the North Dakota Space Grant Scholarship program is to identify, recruit and retain students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; to encourage women and underrepresented students to enter these fields of study; and to increase NASA activities and awareness in North Dakota.  To qualify for the Space Grant Scholarship, students must show academic excellence, have a sophomore standing, and have education and career interests relevant to STEM.

This year four students from Dakota College at Bottineau were selected to receive this scholarship:

Alex Abrahamson (St. John, ND) – Associate of Science (Agriculture)

Spencer Dorsey (Tecumseh, NE) – Associate of Science (Wildlife Management)

Georgina Eidmann (Rugby, ND) – Associate of Science (Health Professions)

Victoria Gullett (Bottineau, ND) – Associate of Science (Health Professions)

Career and Technical Education Fair

January 29, 2018

There is a level of academic content and skill that is required for success in today’s career and technical, formerly known as vocational, careers. Despite the ongoing marketing of Career and Technical Education (CTE), there are many people who are not aware of the impact CTE programs provide, the career opportunities available in the state, and what North Dakota students can do after completing career and technical education and training.

Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) will speak to CTE success with area high school students, Wednesday February 7th on the DCB campus.  This is an opportunity for CTE program faculty to showcase their programs.  Faculty will demonstrate and explain programs, projects and the impact of CTE programs. The eleven programs participating include Paramedic Technology, Nursing, Education, Allied Health, Natural Resources, Wildlife and Fisheries, Horticulture, Business, Computer Technology, Photography and DCB at Minot programs. 

Successful students can enter the workforce in two years by earning their technical degree or further their education by easily transferring credits to any four-year ND university.  The intention of the CTE fair is to help students learn about the quality career and technical education-taking place in their area. 


2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges Offering Associate Degrees

January 29, 2018


Dakota College at Bottineau recently rated 2018 most affordable online colleges offering associate degrees. With annual tuition rates under $5,000, DCB is in the top 20 colleges that offer the most affordable online associate degrees based on SR Education Group’s 2018 research. DCB ranked #16, offers 13 online associate degrees at a low tuition rate. Students at DCB can study a range of subjects including Information Management, Photography as well as Paraprofessional Education, Recreation Management and Medical Assistant. To be considered for this list, schools must offer at least 10 fully online associate degrees.

Founded as a forestry school in 1906, Dakota College at Bottineau now serves as one of the eleven campuses in the North Dakota University System. The career and technical programs offered at this school are classified into six areas: business, computer technology, education and human development, health professions, natural resources, and photography. Through its Student Success Center, the college offers a variety of support services to online students including advising services and free tutoring.

You can read more about the ranked schools, at https://www.onlineu.org/most-affordable-colleges/associate-degrees


DCB Recreation Management Program is Customized for Each Student

January 23, 2018

There is a level of academic content and skill that is required for success in today’s career and technical, formerly known as vocational, careers. Despite the ongoing marketing of Career and Technical Education (CTE), many people are not aware of the impact CTE programs provide the career opportunities available in the state.  Students can get into their career in two years or less upon completing career and technical education and training.

Dakota College at Bottineau offers an AAS and Certificate in Recreation Management. The Recreation Management Program is just one of the career and technical programs offered by Dakota College at Bottineau. The program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of recreation and leisure settings.  The program also provides certification for graduates to become an Associate Park and Recreation Professional through the National Park and Recreation Association.  Recreation professionals interested in gaining credits for continuing education will also benefit from this program.

Organized around core courses the program emphasize administration, program planning, and an understanding of the foundation of recreation.  Students customize the program by selecting elective courses that complement the core courses and are of interest to them. Students complete the curriculum using an online delivery format.  Practicing professionals teach the classes, therefore bringing experience and practical examples to their classrooms. 

Students completing the either in the AAS or Certificate Recreation Management program have gained valuable academic knowledge of the field and practical experience by completing an internship with a recreation organization.  Students are encouraged to focus on the area of recreation that interests them such as outdoor recreation, commercial recreation, tourism, or community recreation.  Graduates have found employment with the National Park Service, in commercial recreation facilities, community recreation, ND Extension Service, and North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department. 



DCB Hires Academic Support Coordinators & Safety Security Officer

January 10, 2018


Dakota College at Bottineau welcomes two Academic Support Coordinators to campus. These positions are important to the academic success of students.  Assessment data is used to identify areas needing improvement allowing the coordinators to implement guidance accordingly.

zahra-moss190x240.jpgZahra Moss, of Bottineau, will be working in the Student Success Center. She will coordinate academic support services for students, providing services such as peer mentoring.  In addition, she will coordinate the tutoring program for students who do not qualify for the TRIO program. Zahra will also be instructing the Study Skills class on-campus and online.






Jackie Migler, of Bottineau, will coordinate the disability support services program. She will also serve as the Campus 504 Coordinator and continue her duties instructing and advising in the education program.







Dakota College at Bottineau recently filled a vacant security position with a Bottineau community member.  Cole Watson is DCB’s new safety and security officer and officially began work on January 3rd.   While Cole is originally from the Twin Cities, he is not new to the Bottineau area.  He attended two years of high school at Bottineau High School, where he played football.  He attended Dakota College at Bottineau for one year and then went to Lake Region State College where he graduated from the Policy Academy in 2008.  His was previously employed as a Deputy Sheriff in both Benson County and Bottineau counties.  These experiences will be a benefit to his duties on the DCB Campus.  Watson shares that he is anxious to start this new chapter in his career, and that he is looking forward to getting to meet new faces, having new challenges, and helping to make sure everyone on campus feels safe and secure. 


DCB Photo Grad starts internship with Disney Corp.

January 8, 2018


Head-Shot.jpgLindsay Gronos of Minot is your average 31 year old with a dream. Her dream is to do commercial advertising photography for a major corporation.

Unfortunately, like most people with large dreams, sometimes life gets in the way of those dreams. Gronos grew up in Burlington, ND and moved to Minot at the age of 23. She always loved art and creating in a wide variety of mediums, but hadn’t considered doing art for a career. “I mean, art isn’t a career, it’s just a hobby right?”

While working odd jobs and doing whatever it took to pay the bills, she started doing commercial cleaning for businesses and hotels. In 2009 Gronos started her own cleaning business and now specializes in cleaning private homes. Her business has provided a solid income for the past 8 years, and she is grateful for that, but she felt incomplete. Gronos states, “I don’t mind what I do, but I’m tired of it. I want to create, I need to create. I don’t know, I guess I just want more out of life.”

Gronos decided it was time to look into a creative career. She began researching college programs and degrees in the arts. Her research led her to Dakota College at Bottineau and their photography program. Gronos remembers, “the online program was a good fit for me because I could do the entire program online, and I’ve always loved photography.”

DCB photography instructor Clint Saunders was immediately impressed with Gronos’s photography, but was most impressed with her work ethic and passion. Saunders states, “Lindsay is one of those students you love to work with. She has an incredible passion for photography and a natural ‘eye’ for it, but the thing that impressed me the most is her work ethic and drive to be better.” Saunders continued, “Lindsay loved critiques, she wanted feedback, she never wanted me to tell her how great her work was, but rather where it could be improved.”


Photo taken by Lindsay Gronos

While completing her AAS degree in photography, Gronos found her favorite class and subject matter, commercial advertising photography. Gronos explains, “I can’t believe what I learned in that class. When I signed up for the photography program I had no idea I would get to learn how to do advertising photography. I keep looking at my portfolio and thinking - wow, I can’t believe that’s my work.”

The final semester for Gronos proved to be her most challenging. On top of running her business, Gronos was also taking 18 college credits which included some of her hardest classes. Along with the stress of juggling her business and college, Gronos was getting a lot of negative feedback from friends both in person and on social media.  Gronos recalls, “I started sharing my work on my facebook page and people started criticizing me and putting me down. I was getting attacks from people I thought were my friends telling me that I was being arrogant and conceited because I was sharing my work. They were saying that I needed to get over myself and get realistic because I was never going to make it in photography.” Gronos was shocked and hurt by the negative feedback she was getting from people she thought would support her and began to question if she was on the right track or not.


Photo taken by Lindsay Gronos

Saunders, her photo instructor, recalls getting messages from Gronos, “Lindsay sent me several emails asking if she was doing the right thing and questioning if she had what it takes. I was shocked when she told me what people were saying to her, and did my best to ensure her that she had a future in this business. I never once doubted her ability to succeed based solely on her drive, work ethic, and passion. Combine those things with her natural artistic talent and I knew she could achieve whatever she set her mind to.”

As graduation grew closer, Gronos began researching jobs in her field and became frustrated, “every job I could find was an entry level position, and wanted a bachelors degree with experience. I was getting an AAS degree and was worried that it wouldn’t be enough.” Gronos reached out to her instructor for advice. Gronos states, “I contacted Clint several times and asked about needing a bachelors degree. He kept assuring me that I was on the right track.”


Photo taken by Lindsay Gronos

Saunders recalls, “Lindsay was very worried that she was going to need a bachelors degree in order to get a job in her field. I told her that the AAS was actually a better degree for professional photography because it was a CTE (career and technical education) degree which was more like trade school. A bachelors degree is a higher education degree in which you receive a higher education while taking a few classes in photography. Our program is almost all photography and is designed to train photographers to work in the field. I kept telling Lindsay to trust me and just keep working on her portfolio. I knew she wouldn’t have any trouble getting a job once employers saw her work.”

The other challenge Gronos kept running into was the idea of starting over financially. Gronos was very reluctant to give up her income, “I’ve owned my cleaning business for a while and it has grown to provide me with a good living. I was terrified of the idea of giving up my job security and income to start over.”


Photo taken by Lindsay Gronos

While researching jobs, Gronos ran across and ad doing a paid internship with Disney Corporate Offices. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. Could this possibly be real?”  Two years ago when Gronos started down this new and scary path she recalled saying, “I have no idea where this might go, but could you imagine how cool it would be if I could work for Disney someday?”

With encouragement from her instructor, Gronos decided to apply for the position. The person who would become her future boss contacted Gronos within two days of her submitting her application. “He didn’t really even interview me, he told me about the job and said that, after reviewing my portfolio, I was definitely his top candidate for the position, and offered it to me.”

Gronos was excited and terrified at the same time. Gronos was torn between the opportunity to chase her dreams and the fear of giving up her security and starting over. Along with the fear came the reality of being able to afford closing a business, moving to Florida and starting over. To make the decision harder, the internship was to start in less than a month. After weighing all of the options carefully and doing the math, Gronos realized that she couldn’t afford the move and was going to turn down the offer. “I was devastated, but I didn’t know what else to do. I just simply couldn’t afford to take the opportunity.”

In desperation, Gronos decided to sell all of her photography equipment in order to chase her dream. She posted an ad on Facebook looking for buyers. It wasn’t long before Gronos’s cousin, Katie Moore saw the post, contacted Gronos and told her that she couldn’t sell her equipment and then offered to help her financially with the move. Gronos was overwhelmed with emotion, “I couldn’t believe it! I thought there was no way it could happen, and then Katie came in like my fairy godmother.”

Gronos has been busy making preparations and will start her new adventure in Florida on January 3rd 2018. Gronos concluded, “I want to thank my family and friends who have been supportive of me on this journey and I want to thank Katie for making this a reality. I also want to thank my instructor Clint Saunders, without his support and making me strive for perfection I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today! I owe you all big time. You guys made my dream come true as an artist!”

“Go to DCB they said. It will be fun they said. And it was.”


Farm & Cottage Food Safety Workshop

December 28, 2017

The Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture (ECH) at Dakota College at Bottineau in conjunction with state and local health districts will be holding Farm and cottage Food Safety Workshops in eight locations around the state. 

This training will assist farm and cottage food businesses with preparing their products in the safest manner.  The training will cover regulations and labeling for local foods as well as basic safety such as handwashing, water testing, sanitizing tools and equipment, worker hygiene, monitoring pH, and writing a food safety plan for their operation.  Mainly geared for those that grow and sell produce, the training will also have value for local foods producers of baked and dry goods.  Participants will receive a resource manual and templates to guide them in implementation of what they have learned.  The training is free and open to the public.

Holly Mawby, ECH Director and Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Lead Trainer will present each training along with a representative from the state or local health unit that has jurisdiction for the location.  This will allow participants to ask specific questions of their local health district personnel and get to know them in case questions arise in the future. 

The first training will be held in Minot on February 10th from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the First District Health Unit offices.  Following trainings will be held in Bismarck on March 3rd, Dickinson on March 10th, Grand Forks on April 14th and in Fargo, Jamestown, Devils Lake, and Watford Cities on dates to be decided.  Participants must RSVP to attend to ensure enough resource materials for everyone.

For more information or to RSVP for the training, contact Holly Mawby at 701-681-0252 or hollyrose.mawby@dakotacollege.edu


LeaderJacks Give to the Community

November 30, 2017

leaderjacks food pantry.png

LtoR Alex Abrahamson from Rolla ND, Kennedy Sondrol Leaderjack President from Turtle Lake, ND and Kailyn Brummond from Granville, ND

LeaderJacks is a student leadership organization at Dakota College at Bottineau.  The eighteen students recently gave back to the community by collecting items for the Bottineau Food Pantry. They collected 301 grocery items. 

This was not only a way for the LeaderJacks to give to the community, but also a way for them to raise funds to continue assisting charity organizations.  Thrivent Member Network will donate $1.00 to the Bottineau Food Pantry for every item collected. 

The students also hold various bake sales to earn funds to assist in future projects to purchase materials needed for items such as fabric to make blankets for the Linus Project or purchase school supplies to assemble backpacks for students that don’t have funds to buy supplies. 

The group was established so students from every program on campus could be involved. The focus of the organization is to develop leadership skills through community involvement. There will be a new group of students in the spring 2018 semester.  Future projects include: Winter Special Olympics, Family Crisis Center & the DCB water festival.


Dakota College at Bottineau Honors Program to Present

November 27, 2017

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Fall 2017 Honors Symposium.  The Symposium is Wednesday, December 6th at 5:00 PM in the Alumni Center. 

The Symposium is a capstone event, which represents truly outstanding research and study by our students.  The Honors Program promotes critical thinking and a rigorous academic achievement at DCB. These are some of our very best students doing remarkable work. Their work, study and insights are impressive.

The Biology 220 honors course has two students presenting.  One will present information on celiac disease and the other on multiple sclerosis.  In addition to biology, the sociology and chemistry honor students will also be presenting. 

We understand this is a busy time of the year, but you will not be disappointed in the outstanding presentations.


A Wealth of Information - Accessible from Anywhere/Anytime

November 13, 2017

Libraries of today have become much more than store-houses for shelves lined neatly with books, and Dakota College Library is no exception.  The physical collection at DCB contains more than 36,000 items including books, videos and DVD’s, books on tape and cd, music on cd,  a variety of state and federal documents, a collection of reference volumes, and about 200 subscriptions to magazines and state, national and local newspapers.

However, a larger part of our collection is available online.  We own literally hundreds of thousands of electronic magazine and newspaper articles, many of which are full text.  These databases are subscription databases and are available at no charge to our patrons.  Dakota College will issue patron cards to area residents at no charge; a quick visit to our library is all that is required.  Once you have an active library card, you can then begin to access any or all of the following databases:

  • Academic Search Premier—a multidisciplinary database with full text of nearly 4500 journals and cited references for another 1,000 titles.
  • Business Source Premiere—Industry’s most used business research database with full text for more than 2,300 journals.
  • MasterFile Premier—a multidisciplinary database with full text for more than 1730 reference publications dating as far back as 1975.
  • Megafile—full text for nearly 12,000 publications with indexing and abstracting for more than 16,000 publications.
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts—indexes more than 600 periodicals and research reports on librarianship.
  • Health Source—magazine, journal and newspaper information on a wide variety of health issues.
  • Student Resource Center-Gold—In-depth reference content in the areas of biography, business and economics, geography, government, literature and the arts, science and health, social issues, sports and world cultures and religions.
  • Professional Collection—Full-text periodicals for professional development.
  • Proquest Newspapers – Includes content from 90,000 authoritative sources along with robust discovery tools to provide rewarding search results.
  • And many more!

To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity for research, please stop by Dakota College Library.

After obtaining a library card, patrons need to do the following:

  • Visit DCB’s website at http://www.dakotacollege.edu/index.php
  • Click on Library at the top of the page
  • Select Online Library Resources on the left side of the page in the gray tabs
  • Simply scroll down the page to browse our long list and select the database of your choice.

When a log in screen comes up, you will be asked to provide your library patron number which is the barcode on your library card. This is your username.  The password in your last name (not case sensitive).   This will give you access to any and all of the above databases.  These databases are funded by participating North Dakota libraries and are free to all North Dakota citizens who have a borrower’s card.  We invite all area citizens to stop in and request a patron card.  In addition to the fact that the information available in these databases is authoritative and current (most are updated daily), this online library never closes.  Patrons can access materials anytime, day or night.


Campus Read Hosts Elk Study Presentation

November 6, 2017

The 2017-2018 Dakota College book read, A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There by Aldo Leopold, mirrors and advances the campus interest in natural resources. A series of events are offered throughout the semester with the next event scheduled for the end of November.

Bill Jensen, Big Game Biologist for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, will be presenting results from a current elk study in the state.  His presentation will be the featured event for the DCB Campus Read program, which is scheduled for noon with a repeat session at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, November 29th.  The presentations will be held in the Alumni Center on the second floor of Thatcher Hall of the Dakota College at Bottineau campus.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is currently conducting a study of three small elk herds in North Dakota, which are in the Pembina Hills near Walhalla, the Turtle Mountains, and Porcupine Hills in Sioux County.   Starting in February of 2016, the department placed five GPS radio collars on cow elk in each of the three small herds.  Each of the tagged elk is now sending relocation points every six hours, giving the researchers more than 36,000 relocations from 15 animals.  Jacqueline Amor, a UND graduate student, analyzed these data to determine home range sizes, movements and habitat use of these animals.  The researchers are gaining valuable information about the movements of elk in the state, and the results of the study will be highlighted in the Campus Read presentations.  Given the growing elk herd in the Turtle Mountains, this will be a great opportunity to learn more about what this means for our area.


DCB Hosts Math Competition

November 3, 2017

Dakota College at Bottineau hosted their 6th Annual Math Track Meet on Thursday, November 2nd on the DCB Campus. Twelve schools participated, teams consisted of two students from 9th/10th grades and two students from 11th/12th grades.

  • Drake-Anamoose High School (1 team)
  • Glenburn High School (2)
  • Kenmare High School (2)
  • MLS High School (2)
  • Newburg United High School (2)
  • Rolla High School – Mt. Pleasant (2)
  • Rugby High School (2)
  • St. John High School (2)
  • Turtle Mountain Community High School (2)
  • Velva High School (2)
  • Westhope High School (2)
  • Burke Central (2)

This friendly competition challenged 23 teams of 92 student’s math abilities with a variety of tests conducted throughout the morning. As a result, mathletes were awarded with certificates and the top three teams received medals.

Algebra 1.jpg

Algebra I Competition, Pictured Left to Right,
Skyler Ballard (3rd Place), Janie Savelkoul (2nd Place), Trenton Sanford (1st Place)

Algebra 2.jpg

Algebra II Competition, Pictured Left to Right,
Daniel Kearns (1st Place), Grant Munro (2nd Place), Franklin Huang (3rd Place)


Geometry Competition, Pictured Left to Right,
Seth Belgarde (1st Place), Trenton Sanford (2nd Place), Janie Savelkoul (3rd Place)

Advanced Math.jpg

Advanced Math Competition, Pictured Left to Right,
Maria Blessum (1st Place), Tristin Lunde (2nd Place), Jessica Davison (3rd Place)


1st Place - Team Competition, "RHS Panthers", Rugby High School
Trenton Sanford, Tristin Lunde, Maria Blessum, Cole Wentz


2nd Place - Team Competition, "MLS Blue", MLS High School
Ally Feland, Trevor Savelkoul, Janie Savelkoul, Cole Southam


3rd Place - Team Competition, "TMCHS Pirates", Turtle Mountain Community HS
Jacob Smith, Cletus Lattergrass, Seth Belgarde, J Delorme

DCB LumberActs Announces Theatre Production

November 2, 2017

The Dakota College at Bottineau LumberActs recently announced their fall theatre production is the comedy hit Crazytown by Jonathan Rand. The LumberActs will be performing November 13 and 14 at 7pm in the Centennial Alumni Center, located in Thatcher Hall on the Dakota College at Bottineau campus. Admission is $5 per person, payable at the door.

Crazytown isn’t your parents’ news broadcast. It’s possibly the worst news broadcast, with the worst anchors and even worse news stories. The anchors have crazy one-liners, and the news stories cover crime, politics, sports, and entertainment – all tongue-in-cheek.

The LumberActs consists of 20 actors from North Dakota, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Arizona, Florida, and Tennessee, as well as Australia, and they invite everyone to come out for a night of fun and belly laughs.


Dakota College Online Paraprofessional Educator Program Earns #1 Ranking

November 1, 2017

Onlinecolleges.com has released its top five rankings for online teacher aide programs in the nation. Dakota College at Bottineau ranked in at #1 with the online paraprofessional educator program. The paraprofessional educator early childhood major prepares individuals to work with children in a variety of settings including daycare centers, preschool programs, home childcare, and schools. Students learn to plan activities that promote the physical, cognitive, social, and psychological development of children. The A.A.S. major has two options: a pre-school program option that focuses on education and a family childcare option that incorporates business management into the curriculum.

A variety of factors went into the ranking of the top five colleges. Onlinecolleges.com required colleges to meet the following criteria:

  1. Offer online program in the area
  2. Awarded at least one degree in the program
  3. In-state tuition
  4. Graduation rates
  5. Accessibility
  6. Program prominence, based on how many of the degrees and certificates awarded
  7. Related subjects, based on the number of similar topics for programs in relevant CIP codes that are offered at any level

For more information about the online paraprofessional educator program, please contact the Distance Education Office at 701-228-5623.